Monday, May 10

Day 26 – Camp I down to ABC

After last night feel that my emotional batteries are completely flat. No matter how much I try to find some emotional energy there is nothing there!
With this platform eroded, there is not much to stimulate any physical energy. But I'm still 750m vertical and some km horizontal from ABC. And I need to get my gear down (and myself). As they say at the top you are only halfway!
Must get down!
Start to pack-up/sort out gear. Once interior done, start to work on digging the tent out. Been here since 25/4 – day 12, so well and truly cemented (iced) in. Gusty spindrift adds some extra challenges but in the end (some tears in outer) its out – fantastic Quasar tent, its been a bomb proof camp.

Eventually ready with a fairly big load – down the hill. Same three climbers before me, so just follow their fresh tracks – spindrift covered over previous trail. Eventually pass the crevasse zones – no incidents thank goodness.

Arrive penitentes camp and decide to also clear it (Gemini tent and mat) and add to existing load. Slowly across penitentes – last icy hurdle. Still an awe inspiring part of the journey. Arrive at good old depot camp. Two hours later down to ABC. Late afternoon sunlight, with some lovely colours, but I don't look back. All fuel gauges on empty, but extremely happy to be safe. Scott & Nicole are very supportive.

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