Monday, May 3

Day 20 ABC

Bank hols in the UK
Big discussions today as whether other teams are going up for their summit bids. Forecast of high winds Friday 7th(ish) The other teams also have earlier exit plans (by about 10 days) than I have, so are starting to feel that “exit” date pressure. Looking at the mountain I am not convinced that I should be going up. Its still in cloud, although no wind. Snowing on the trail is not ideal for me and I had hoped that the overall temperature would be warmer and days clearer. This allows the trail to be easily identified. We have all seasons in one day here at ABC – sunny & hot & snowing and cold.
I think this is all a tussle between the warm wet Indian and the cold dry Tibetan weather patterns. Neither of which are winning
Other teams make a decision to o up tomorrow!

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