Tuesday, August 15

Start of "live" blogs

So this is what Hoseman has been up to!
If you have not read any of this, and you have the urge to, then start at the beginning i.e. the bottom.
This is will be the online diary of my trip and I have back dated a few entries so as to provide you with some background...

Any updates will occur at the top of the blog so you will easily be able to see if an update has been added. I am hoping to be able to use Jamies laptop at ABC to send emails which will appear here as posts. If I have enough satellite air time I will also send some photos. There might be an email address for you to use at ABC, but I still need to set this up.
I have used the months (in the archive section) to categories the following:

December 2004 - A bit of fun
January 2005 - Some background on past adventures
January 2006 - Objectives and plans
February 2006 - Equipment
March 2006 - Training
... the rest will follow as per the date they are added...

Note to get to new blogs you need to start at www.8000m.blogspot.com

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