Thursday, August 31

Report Thursday 31 August

Here is the schedule we could not post previously. Hoseman was able (between details of making yak cheese) to describe that we should use a Word-based schedule and NOT Excel. Therefore:
HOSEMAN - 8 DAY HIKE. 24th Aug. to 30th Aug 2006

Day 0 Height 630m
Day 1 Height 1568m Kilocal 2863 Pos. N. 28.00894 Pos E. 85.21525
Day 2 Height 1993m Kilocal 4335 Pos. N. 28.11282 Pos E. 85.29610
Day 3 Height 2221m Kilocal 2679 Pos. N. 28.14285 Pos E. 85.36056
Day 4 Height 2474m Kilocal 2497 Pos. N. 28.15881 Pos E. 85.42104
Day 5 Height 3735m Kilocal 4352 Pos. N. 28.21232 Pos E. 85.56652
Day 6 Height 4545m Kilocal 1373 Pos. N. 28.22369 Pos E. 85.57832
Day 7 Height 4750m day trip.
Total ascent 4970m, net ascent 3038m.Note: Shisha Base Camp starts at 5000m
Day 6 Day trip on the 29th August. Feeling very good despite fairly restless night due to breathing oxygen at only 64% relative to sea level.
Day 7 Not comfortable, feel tired - will descend.Witnessed Sherpas making yak cheese at high altitude
Suggest follow trek on Google Earth.

Mountain View lodge at Kyanjin Gompa (3800m)

Lodge at Rimche, such friendly people I stayed there on both the up and down journeys. On the return I arrived at 8:45pm after a "forced" march in the dark and in pouring rain - lateness was due to Flag festival at Tsergo Ri on same day

River crossing, safe but exposed

Road seemed to zig zag forever...see zigs going into the clouds

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