Sunday, August 27

Sunday 27 August

Early this morning we got a telephone call - it was Hoseman! “Did I wake you?” he asked. “No,” I replied “I’ve been at work a couple of hours!” ‘Good’.
The reception was beautifully clear. He was experiencing typical Monsoon weather. Three days of ‘wet’. It turned out he had left Dhunche and had traversed beautiful scenery all the way up the Langtang Kolo or valley and had reached the Bhote Khosi River junction. “It just gets better and better”. He had been staying with families all along and had found them to be the most wonderfully friendly and obliging people. Starting off with more food than he had needed (typical!) he found himself giving away his rations and living off the hospitality of the locals. “Often, they just refuse to accept any payment but I always insist on paying my way. Its their livelihood.”
At the moment he was sitting enjoying a cup of lemon tea with a group of chickens and a huge rooster all around him. There were lots of lodges to stay in and many more being built. With the rain, the trail was rather muddy and quite difficult at times. Maps were poor but when one came to a fork in the path all one did was to wait until someone came along and they would direct you.
After crossing over to the north side of the Langtang River he was expecting to reach 2400 metres soon. He had found a way of transmitting voice mail to his blog and was hoping to get a favourable report on how successfully it had been received and recorded. Earlier this morning he had also phoned Mackworth to wish Claire a happy birthday! He was having a superb time and thoroughly enjoying the experience.
We have just listened to Hoseman's voice mail message - works well, good sound and loud and clear. Well done!
From Fourstones 27 August

Views of valley along the route to Trisuli

Local bus to valley villages - took 13 hours on return - quite fun when bus designed for shorter people!

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