Saturday, August 19

You did not reconfirm your flight - ticket cancelled!

I phoned Qatar airlines this morning, as had been told to reconfirm the fight (72 hours before departure!). Yes I was now within the 72 hours and was told by a rather unfriendly employee that as I had not reconfirmed the flight by now, the ticket had been cancelled (without refund). They obviously over book and manage the situation this way. My only option was to arrive very early for the flight and go on stand by! Hmmph! Not a very good idea especially considering the mess at the airports these days...and also due to the fact that I need to beg (or pay if begging does not succeed) for my extra luggage – have just received a large 4.5kg of high Carbohydrate powder!

After some thoughts and discussions with Claire, decided that I would rather re-book (and pay) than get there early and still be told that the flight was full...and then find out the next flights were also full...
Expedia indicated that some seats were available on the next day’s flights - funnily within the 72 hour limit - wonder how one reconfirms those!

Anyway spoke to Trailfinders...and after some discussions (after he had said this airline does insist on pre 72 hour re-confirmations), was told that they had been able to reconfirm my flight for me...there were still some seats available!

So I’m a little sceptical, but will arrive at Heathrow (still early due to extra luggage) and see what happens. As I have a buffer of my acclimatising hike I can spare a day or two. The afternoon flights seem a lot less busy so am pretty confident that I will get on one very soon.

So next update will either be from London tomorrow or Kathmandu on Monday. Hold thumbs for the later!

Did have a big win though today – I got one of the “just released” Thuraya satellite phones ( See the spotlight on the Thuraya SO-2510. An absolute win as much more compact and much lighter than previous models – Good old Tottenham Court road

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  1. Check-in went smoothly! What a relief!


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