Tuesday, August 29

Satellite Phone Report Tuesday 29 August 2006

Now at 4500m. Progressed well up to now and it looks good for the future – feels as strong as a Sherpa! Carrying a 20kg backpack and surviving well on local food and copious amounts of black lemon tea. Weather is wet and misty but had a brief glimpse of a 7000m peak yesterday. Sleep last night was restless – experienced breathing difficulties - but this was only due to the fact that this was higher than he had been before. At 4500m he was only getting 64% of the oxygen available at sea level. This is what acclimatisation is all about. Plans to ascend to 5000m tomorrow which will be height of Mount Shishapagma Base Camp. Then, day after tomorrow, will descend again, to take up story.
Have recorded chart details for past six days of ascending to 4500m - but still unable to post this in tabular format. Must check how to do this. Will follow up.

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