Tuesday, August 28

Day 8 - Arya to Gokyo (via Renjo pass - 5402m)

Left early to ascend towards Renjo pass (google earth N27 56.842 E86 39.511). Will be our highest point of trip, but should be ok due to the aclimitisation we have already done.

Had T stop a pretty lake before ascending the gigantic stairway up to the top. Jetboil humming...

Upwards and onwards Major Hume

Where's gromit?

Amazing that someone has created these rock stairs on the trickier sections of the climb. Eventually (after three and a half hours) we reach the top of the pass, just in time for some light snow - was pretty cold!

Both next pics for Stu and Neil at NewstarAM to spot the errors - all errors only due to altitude sickness and not incompetance...mostly

Major Hume would not let me borrow his flag, so resorted to next best option...

Arrived at a gloomy deserted Gokyo, which was certainly larger than the last time I was there. Lake also seemed to be much larger, but probably due to the fact we were approaching it from above.

Note: Major Hume went off piste on the way down - Peter, its easier to walk down the path than try to scamble down a flowing waterfall. 1st rescue....

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  1. This beautiful trail is build by NMA (2,50,000 rupee according to news of nepal) and renjo pass support lodge's finance and management support..

    The deeply social worker of Renjo pass resturant owner had faced very critical situation (financial problem)during drinking water project in Lungden and trail to newly opended to renjo pass...

    God bless him


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