Saturday, August 11

Packed, renovated and ready to go

Sunday’s departure date is fast approaching. It’s been a little manic due to delays with progress on renovating the flat. Hopefully I would have done enough to make the flat liveable and therefore Mrs H won’t change the locks while I’m away.

Plan is as follows:
Peter and I depart for Kathmandu this Sunday. Monsoon permitting, we fly to Lukla on Tuesday morning for two weeks trekking up a valley west of Everest up to the Nangpa La (pass). This route is not well travelled so should be “rustic” and certainly won’t be the same as being outside Harrods at lunchtime. The objective is to see a new part of the world, look over the pass into Tibet, at Cho Oyo (8,201m) and to start the first phase of my acclimatisation before the climb begins. We will have to tread carefully at the “border” as last year there was an incident where a nun was shot by Chinese border guards – see article at

Have Google Earth available as we will be sending back co-ordinates of our progress. Thanks for all the comments about our hair, lack of it or colour there-of. Thanks in advance for donating to Rainbow Trust Children's Charity. If you haven’t yet then please do! – See

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