Sunday, August 26

Day 6 Lunak to Turnaround point

Gelbu with Jetboils at Lunak camp

So close! Objective today was to try to push on up to the Nangpa La (pass). We were now on a very small trail (only used by locals crossing from Tibet to Nepal). Were walking parallel to the very large Bhote Koshi glacier. Terrain pretty rough - bouldering in a quarry, landslides as the glacier cuts away the valley walls (and paths!).

Now have view of objective - icy glacier of Nang Pa. Unfortunately on glimses of some very high peaks - thick cloud layer. Decide to leave Peter to try and push through difficult terrain. Carry tent, etc and couple of days food. Hour layer hear Gelbu (porter) shouting as had forgotten my gas cannister! No Gromit to remind me...

Unfortunately trail now completely eroded. Try for half hour to find acceptable route, but glacier very rough with damgerous icy walls covered with sandy grit. Decide to turn around.

Google position: N28 03.033 E86 35.835

GPS tracking log showing end point

Google Earth screenshot showing that only 3.5 km short of objective

From the other side...

Long wet trek back to Arya. Burnt 5,500 kcals today during 9 hour day. Peter surpised to see me.

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