Saturday, August 25

Day 5 Arya to Lunak-5008m

Google Earth N28 00 39.8 E86 35 43.2
We are now past any fixed civilisation! Great to be "off" the map so to speak. Our porters have really been with us so that we could take this route - and have been carrying our camping equipment. We have brought the two Terra Nova tents that I will be using at Depot and Camp I on Shisha.

There was quite a difficult river crossing (section shown here) from glacier mouth along route. Decided to agree with Major Hume and accept that we will push to climb over 600m today. Higher now than any range in the Alps.

Very damp on arrival at Lunak, which consists of some stone shelters - look very unsafe and definately not worth the risk of sleeping inside them. Wet dinner huddled around two jetboils. Rs25 lighters useless.

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