Wednesday, September 6

Reality check

Well so much for being at 3,800m before in Kyanjin Gompa! Had a seriously difficult day today. Zhangmu was not a good start - polution nearly killed me this morning, and having some leak in the jeep did not help either - more fumes! I am though being affected by the altitude. Its a little nerve racking as I'm still so relatively low. All I wanted to do was leave Zhangmu - its a real dump, but I will have to get it out of my mind.

Hopefully my throat will recover - I'm using every effort not to cough, as both my diaphram and throat could be injured. The last thing one wants is either bruised ribs or a throat infection. Its quite a different challenge to any of my past experiences (iron man, comrades, dusi etc...). Dawa and the rest of the Sherpa crew have been fabulous. Dawa says I'm not "fresh" and thats a good way to put it - very lathargic, no energy, worried about impact on entire trip, just want to sleep (but as I know already that the nights are worse, am trying to keep awake so that at least I will sleep). I'm hoping (praying) that its just a matter of time - I just have to tread very carefully, drink plenty of water and maintain a positve attitude.

On arrival at Nyalan, checked into "hotel" and tried tohave some lunch - did drink a bit. Dawa suggested a shower and yes for a fee a hot shower was avilable - it was magic. P[erhaps its just the distraction so that time passes by while ones body is working to aclimatise. Dawa then took me an a stroll up a hill above the village - again another welcome distraction. Heart rate fine, just this strange delibitating (I'm not sure if that is a word but seems to describe how I feel) feeling.

Thank goodness Nyalan is more open and the air is fresh - I had said to Dawa, that if it was the same as Zhangmu I had better get to BC sooner, otherwise the entire trip would be off due to the polution. As Zhangmu is one of the main border points millions of diesel trucks move up and down every day - quite gastly! But as the air is cleaner , and especially as I'm feeling so 5h1t, I had better stay the planned two nights.

So not a very good blog entry - but perhaps I had been too bullish before...

The blogs will also get shorter - due to using the satellite "pipeline"

All I can say is that I'm with some very good people and that hopefully with the passage of time I will start to feel better.

Shisha on the right - a magnificent sight

Checking my tents in preparation for the climb - there are always surprises

View of BC - note how relatively quite, one of the advantages of Shishapangma

Arrival at BC, thank goodness as was now able to recouperate from the Zangmu hell

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