Thursday, September 14

Onwards to ABC

Sorry to hear that the audioblogs have not worked - grrrr!
Bottom line is that I have recovered well and really now only want to
focus on going forward. Have been at base camp (BC - 5030m) for 5 days
(google earth N28.58658, E85.76197), and it has been heaven. Shisha has
been visible quite often and she is beautiful. Have done two walks over
the last two days, up to 5250m and 5450m. Although my legs have felt a
little tired, I have not over exherted myself and have returned to camp
feeling good. Today was a rest day, and I finalised inspecting and
tweaking my gear. Everything is now packed and ready for transport via
yak to ABC tomorrow. All the gear needs to be weighed and then split up
per yak - quite an ordeal sometimes...

So this is where the fun really starts and where I will making all the
decisions. Its the part I'm really looking forward to. Even if I set up
a staging point along the route and shout encouragement as the Sherpas
carry loads past me, it will be The Freedom of the Hills

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