Wednesday, April 18

Preparation test message via BGAN

Currently in Nepal on preparatory trek in Langtang valley prior to Shishapangma expedition…. Yes another attempt!


  1. Hey Mark!

    I've just read "K2 Danger and Desire on the Savage Mountain" documenting Austrian climber Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner's conquering of K2 without oxygen, making her one of the few to have summited all 14 peaks above 8000m in that way. Amazing! Wish you all the luck my friend. Regards, your cousin, Martin Joubert

  2. Hey Martin, thank you so much for the post. Really appreciate it. Somehow just need to overcome the "pull" to go down. Going to give it my best shot!

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Hi Mark, Always known you as the "never give up" chap. Good luck and I will be following closely. Holding thumbs, Cheers, Gary Hau

  4. Watching from the beach in KZN with keen interest....I am in awe of your tenacity and drive. All the best....Jill


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