Saturday, April 28

Base Camp

It’s fabulous to be back at Base Camp (5 022 m), quite a big jump in altitude from Nyalam 
(3 800-ish m), so will have to monitor closely how my body takes the height gain. Currently, even  sitting motionless, my pulse rate is racing at double my normal resting pulse of 45, as my body tries to cope with the lack of oxygen brought on by the lower pressure. So the next steps for me are to do some acclimatisation walks from BC, slowly adding on more height each day. I also have to re-pack all of my six barrels (let’s hope the wind subsides or it will be a really difficult job) ready for the yaks to take them to Advanced Base Camp (approximately 
17 km and a 600 m height gain). 

We have a strong 25-knot, cold south-westerly blowing. Luckily we have a fab tent to shelter us. We saw Shisha as we approached but quite a bit of cloud has now come from across the surrounding mountains, so it is no longer visible.

I have tested my Iridium phone with a call to Claire in Paris. Great to hear Big Boy clacking in the background - only cat lovers will know what that means.


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