Saturday, September 1

September 2001 - Target 7,000m

By now I felt that I had a good mountaineering platform from which to attempt higher altitudes. The opportunity arose when Victor Saunders ( was organising an attempt on an un-climbed peak in Western China near Mustaghata, called Koskulak (7,028m). What a fabulous trip, in an amazing part of the world. I did not want to leave Kashgar, felt as though it had almost been left behind by time – that is the old section that has not been influenced by modern China.
With local Kirgiz

Unfortunately we ran into the end of the clear weather patch and got stuck in a blizzard at camp III. The motivating fact for me was that I was feeling strong and believed that if the weather had held, we would have reached a virgin summit. I stand to be corrected and I need to find some notes but I think we got to 6,600m [Tony can you help?]

– With local team

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