Monday, April 1

April 1996 - In the beginning

So where did this all begin... This was my first view of Everest. As you can see it was an incredible day - amazing blue skies and as we rounded a bend on the way to Namche Bazaar, Pasang my Sherpa said have a look over there! - So that's Mount Everest!
I had not been interested in mountaineering at all in my past, except for some great trips during my childhood, to the Mountain Leadership School in the OFS. The real inspiration funnily enough, stemmed from one man, Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes - or Sir Ran Fiennes. I picked up one of his books at a B&B - Living Dangerously and the first seed was set. It’s a fabulous book in which he defines what the human body is capable of if ones mind is strong. Starting with his childhood in South Africa, he takes one on a journey through his life’s ups and downs, his close human relationships and his self belief. Somehow I read into all of this that I should plan an attempt Mount Everest. (Perhaps the ultimate challenge) By the way although it is not relevant you must also read The Feathermen by him – an amazing ending!

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